Best G3 VIA Carbon Ski Poles


G3 VIA Carbon Ski Poles Review:

Features of the G3 VIA Carbon Ski Poles Comfortable adjustable yoke shaped Polypropylene fabric strap Removable – easily removable strap for backcountry skiing or tree skiing Form-Fitting Material wraps and supports the hand and evenly distributes weight across your palm Flick your binding risers or buckles with ease Also aids in precise pole plants Hard plastic eyelet yields one of 2 attachment points for drying gloves or attaching tent lines Ergonomic Dual Density plastic grip shaped for comfort Sensory ridge increases grip precision Lightweight and simple ring solution for an additional lower grip position for side-hill ski touring Burly forged aluminum lever with a simple and easy to use offset cam gives you a reliable and sturdy connection between pole sections Off center connection – reduces drag eliminates cantilever effect in hard pack Snow or while doing steep terrain kick turns Basket spokes – rigid design for adjusting heel lifts Flex ferrules – protects lower shaft Easily replaceable Carbide tip – grips securely on ice and rock Provides long term durability