Top Jones Womens Flagship Snowboard


Jones Womens Flagship Snowboard Review:

The Jones Womens Flagship SnowBoard is an all-mountain SnowBoard optimized for freeride Performance no Matter what the conditions look like. Great for carving your way through deep powder this Board still has enough power to cut through Technical terrain when it comes your way making it a great versatile companion to get you through every season. The combination of the Directional Rocker profile Traction Tech 3.0 and 3D Contour Base 3.0 increases float while also powering through harder conditions and ice. You can carve at High or low speeds but either way youll enjoy the freeride power beneath your feet. Features of the Jones Womens Flagship SnowBoard Flagship is a directional freeride Board designed for confident women riders who like to ride fast and lay tracks in Technical terrain The edges along the spoon nose Are beveled up for improved float and turn fluidity while the spoon tail edges Are beveled up for less catch Flax fiberglass topsheet adds ECO Performance while the power v basalt stringers transfer power precisely where you need it Power core has been re-profiled for better torsional response between the feet