Reviews K2 Mens Mindbender 108Ti Ski


K2 Mens Mindbender 108Ti Ski Review:

The K2 Mens Mindbender 108Ti Ski is an all-mountain ski that holds its own in any conditions. The All-Terrain Rocker profile can blow through powder and slice through hardpack with ease combining with the Ti Y-Beam to balance the skis and encourage a more maneuverable feel regardless of terrain. Oversize ABS sidewalls improve power transmission on edges for more control over your ride. Topped off with the slightly wider waist for increased float in powder youll be able to take on just about anything at top tier speeds. Features of the K2 Mens Mindbender 108Ti Ski Ti Y-Beam – TCD optimized shape placing Titanal directly over the edges in the forebody of the ski for powerful and consistent turn entry in variable and off-piste conditions. Underfoot the Titanal extends the full width of the ski for maximum power transfer and control. In the tail the Titanal narrows tapering in to allow the ski to break free on the back end of the turn while still remaining supportive. Powerwall – Power transfer is dramatically enhanced with the Oversized ABS sidewalls that Are laminated and pocketed within the Woodcore in the midbody of the ski. With the sidewall extending into the heart of the ski the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge is direct and precise. All-Terrain Rocker Fir / Aspen Core – Fir is energetic tough dense Wood that absorbsImpact. Aspen is lightweight and resilient great all around material