Reviews Rossignol Mens XV Sashimi LG Snowboard


Rossignol Mens XV Sashimi LG Snowboard Review:

The Rossignol Mens XV Sashimi LG SnowBoard is an all-mountain SnowBoard thats easy to use but doesnt skimp on playful powerful energy. Its AmpTek Elite Rocker and L. I.T.E. grip provide a stable ride that allows for the maximum amount of edge grip in any conditions. With a longer and more narrow shape this Board has the ability to float in powder while staying maneuverable as the routes change. Developed with Xavier De Le Rue a freeride expert the moderate directional flex breathes life into the backcountry. Features of the Rossignol Mens XV Sashimi LG SnowBoard Freeride all-mountain SnowBoard The all new XV Sashimi LG is constructed and designed to schmear the lines between playful progressive and full-send modes Developed in partnership with 3X FWT winner Xavier De Le Rue to Fit between the XV and XV Sushi series Softer than the XV for ease of use narrower and longer than the XV Sushi for maneuverability and float AmpTek Technology – Rocker at the tip and tail offers increased maneuverability floatation and fun. Camber between the inserts guarantees stability and edge grip. Radcut Technology – A traditional sidecut between the inserts fUses with multiple reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail providing real time sidecut adjustment to the ride ie. longer when faster shorter when slower and delivering the perfect cut at all times L.I.T.E Technology Core – A stripe of urethane runs through the core of the Board delivering full length edge shock absorption (Frame) enhancing sidecut radius response and edge hold (Grip) improving ride quality and Board maneuverability without sacrificing Performance Reverse Directional – Stiff under front foot for confident control softer waist for easy manipulation and medium stiff under the rear foot for smoother turns and nimble maneuverability TPU – Combining High tensile strength and very good low-temperature flexibility the Thermoplastic Polyurethane stripes absorb vibrations and allow a greater response to pressure